Love In Business Is Good Business

Some people argue that there’s no room for Love in business. We disagree. Love captures our imaginations,
opens us up to new possibilities, and unleashes our potential. It causes hearts to soar, time to fly by, and
seemingly insurmountable obstacles to become mere bumps in the road. Love makes all things possible.
So love is serious business.

Top 10 Ways (and Whys) to Show More Love to Your Employees.

10 72% of employees say flexible work arrangements would cause them to choose one job over another.
9 Number one reason people leave companies is "because their boss is a jerk".
8 87% of organizations only recognize tenure, not a job well done.
7 70% of employees say they are only recognized annually or not at all.
6 Employers who make employee health and wellness a priority have a 25% less turnover rate.
5 38% of workers worldwide said they don't believe in or even know their company's mission.
4 93% of employees who feel valued at work said they are motivated to do their best work.
3 Organizations in the top decile of engagement outperform their peers by 147% in earnings per share and have a 90% better growth trend than their competition.
2 31% of employees want more responsibility at work.
1 11 billion dollars is Lost annually due to employee turnover.