Everyone wants to find true love and make it last– in life and in work.
But how? Love requires effort, but it enriches life immeasurably.
Today we share a universal love story, illustrating 10 old-fashioned lessons your
grandparents would recognize about how to stay in love over time.

Love in Business is Good Business™

Happy Valentine's Day!
Trust is everything.
Trust your team to do the right thing. Show employees you trust them through a relaxed dress code or flex-time and they'll rise to your expectations.
It's the little things.
In marriage, it's bringing home flowers just because. At work, it's about saying "thank you" and "you're awesome!" every chance you get.
Make up and move on.
Every relationship has bumps. By helping employees understand the "what" and "why" of tough changes, they'll be able to get their heads and hearts back in the game.
Love can conquer all.
When a new mom was at her wits end with her cranky baby, this Southwest flight attendant showed what happens when an employee loves their job.
More listening, less talking.
Love requires dialogue. In your zeal to communicate OUT to employees, are you also fostering channels to take IN what employees want, feel and need?
Say "yes" more often.
Employers with a "yes" mindset encourage creativity and passion, fail fast and learn faster, and have more fun along the way.
Be open.
Encourage your employees to bring their full selves to work. This TED talk proves an authentic, inclusive culture promotes innovation and commitment.
Respect date night!
Bring employees together. Immersive experiences turn teammates into partners, re-igniting the spark of collaboration.
Grow together.
Continually develop your team. Whether it's tuition support or paid sabbaticals, mentoring or training, investing in employees pays dividends.
Tell and retell your love story.
Every relationship is a story still unfolding. Pause to savor those moments that define your journey and underline your shared purpose. Then carry on joyfully – together!