Company Overview

Company Overview

To achieve superior results, people throughout the entire organization need to understand the strategy – what’s possible and what their role is in creating success. But sometimes getting everyone on board is a challenge. We do pioneering work to help the world’s leading companies execute their strategies.

Working collaboratively from the corporate office to the front line, we use an organization’s brand, culture, vision and history to motivate and align employees behind accomplishing business objectives.

We work inside companies to move corporate and operating strategies off the shelf and into the workplace, turning them into reality.

Gagen MacDonald is a strategy execution consulting firm specializing in internal communication, employee engagement, culture change and leadership development. We work inside companies to move corporate and operating strategies off the shelf and into the workplace, turning them into reality. Whether you’re making major operational changes, building your brand or launching an entirely new strategy, business transformation is required for success.

To drive change, we help create an employee mindset toward alignment, action and urgency to improve business performance and make your company a better place to work. We help you to achieve the results you desire by ensuring employees have the information they need and the inspiration to act.


Our Values

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Why Gagen?

Our team has held senior-level positions at Fortune 500 companies.

We know firsthand what it takes to lead change in large, complex organizations. Our highly experienced consultants are able to draw on their learnings to provide you with counsel and support to effectively navigate your organization and anticipate what’s coming next.

We are pioneers in strategy execution, and are totally focused in this space.

When we founded the firm more than fifteen years ago, it was with the aspiration to help the world’s biggest brands engage employees to improve business performance. Today, this space is much more crowded with consultancies that have a practice adjacent to other business areas. We remain entirely focused on helping clients to address the human struggle of change and continue to pioneer this space.

We know what it takes to drive behavior change.

We have deep expertise in helping clients build leadership and communication capability to lead change. Our team has specialized competencies and thought leadership in strategy rollouts, change management, leadership alignment, communication, executive coaching, and learning and development – all critical elements in driving behavioral change.

We are industry thought leaders who give back.

Several of our consultants are board members and trustees of the Arthur W. Page Society, an organization of the most senior counselors and CCOs among the Fortune 500, including Maril MacDonald, who is the past president and on its board of trustees. Peter Debreceny is the past chair of The Institute for Public Relations and a Page Society member. Judith Muhlberg also is a Page Society member. Sherry Scott is the founding chair of Page Up. She is also past president of the board of the Communications Leadership Exchange. Molly Rauzi is the chair of the Colorado Technology Association.

We believe staying actively involved and giving back to the communication industry not only keeps our thinking current but also builds the next generation of leaders.