Communication Consultants

Communication Consultants

We recruit candidates who are systems-based thinkers with experience in communications and employee engagement from both corporations and consultancies. We look for a strong balance of right-brain creativity and left-brain strategy and planning skills. In addition, we actively seek candidates who possess a broad range of experiences, and we believe this diversity contributes to our ability to provide pioneering and holistic solutions to clients. Most important, we seek people who are mission driven, share our passion for client service, and have a strong desire to effect positive change that impacts business results.

Our clients tell us what differentiates our communications consultants is their ability to walk in their [clients’] shoes from a place of experience. We have team members with deep backgrounds in corporate communications, including chief communications officers and heads of internal communications.

Today’s C-suite is more demanding of communications than at any other stage in our industry’s history. As the role of communications has radically shifted over the past decade, we’ve continued to define and redefine the competencies, capabilities and perspective required for our communications consultants to meet that demand.

We’re also involved at the leadership level with leading industry associations, including the Arthur W. Page Society and the Institute for Public Relations (IPR). Our communications consultants bring forth the most current thinking available on the evolution of the corporate communications function and its role within leading companies, including:

  • Deep knowledge of current best practices in employee engagement and internal communications.
  • Understanding of measurements that matter.
  • An ability to align and focus leadership groups.
  • Industry-leading writing and editorial skills.
  • The strength and institutional knowledge of lessons gleaned from working with many of the world’s leading brands.

Aside from our depth of knowledge, what sets us apart is our working attitude. With a bias for action, Gagen MacDonald’s communication consultants seek to provide a true partner who sits next to clients each step of the way.