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5 Trends That Will Shape Employee – Employer Relationships in the 2020s

Standing on the precipice of a new decade, corporations are poised to experience more forces of disruption than ever before. These pressures, spurred on by new technology, will fundamentally alter how companies engage not only with consumers, but with their own employees. In this white paper, we examine five trends we believe will accelerate over the next 10 years, and have deep implications for employee-employer relationships of the future. These are:

  • Employees’ quest for meaning and fulfillment at work, even at the expense of money
  • The growth of the Loneliness Epidemic
  • The expanded use of remote teams
  • The reckoning of automation
  • The rise of the gig and freelance workforce

In each case, this paper contains both context regarding these trends’ origins and implications, and insight as to how leading companies can effectively engage their organizations as it relates to these forces.

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The Case for Culture

Due to the many competing pressures businesses face today, culture ranks as a top concern for CEOs and other executives, and is increasingly seen as the pendulum on which results swing. Given how extraordinarily complex cultures are, how does an organization refine and evolve a culture to unleash potential and turn strategies into success? We believe to change culture, a company needs to intentionally change what employees experience each day.

Learn how to strategically approach culture in its many dimensions in our latest e-book, The Case for Culture: Unleashing your organization’s potential through six levers of change.

Download our e-book to learn about:

  • Key forces that have made culture a priority
  • A culture’s roots and how it functions
  • Six levers that shape employee experience and how they operate
  • Practical examples of ways the levers have been utilized to drive performance


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The Three Things That Change Everything™

Leading Through Transformation

While transformation has always been an essential part of business, it has taken on a new meaning in today’s rapidly evolving landscape. Broad, fundamental changes in technology and individual behavior are mandating new structures, leadership philosophies and modes of collaboration and innovation for companies. Organizations—now more than ever—need to perpetually transform to survive, while navigating rising change fatigue.

We believe there is a simple solution to this complex problem: The Three Things that Change Everything™.

Explore the pages of our e-book for insights on how to:

  • Go from managing transformations as projects to unleashing them as movements
  • Realign organizations to operate as ecosystems rather than hierarchies and siloes
  • Harness the concept of new power
  • Shift how leaders are trained, groomed and rewarded to facilitate change
  • Tap into purpose and meaning with a compelling story
  • Engage and equip leaders to commit
  • Develop an intentional roadmap for a harmonious path forward


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