Creating brand ambassadors to win in the marketplace

Navistar: Creating brand ambassadors to win in the marketplace


International Truck Group (Navistar), a traditional market share leader, suffered share loss from increased competition, dormant product development and fragmented marketing.

With the launch of the first new product to truly deliver on the company’s brand promise, it became more important than ever for employees to come together to advocate for their brand. Deep discounting by industry competitors created skeptics in the distribution channel and put the value strategy at risk, hindering efforts to improve profitability and increase market share.


  • Partnered with client to develop multi-year brand strategy, with employee and dealer involvement in all phases.
  • Drove visible leadership and brand stewardship among top executives.
  • Realigned employee thinking on actions needed to deliver on brand through defining moments.
  • Engaged independent dealer network to invest in upgraded facilities.
  • Created benefits-oriented message to clearly and consistently communicate the company’s “value story.”
  • Worked with grassroots teams to help them overcome resistance in the field from sales and dealers so that they could better understand customers and sell more products at higher margins.
  • Aligned leadership to understand the challenges to implementing value selling, and created opportunities for them to visibly demonstrate support.
  • Used communications campaign to tell the value story, recognize and reinforce desired behaviors of sales and dealers, and highlight successes


  • New product increased share to 57 percent in month one (increase of 21 percentage points over prior year).
  • Grassroots teams partnered with sales/dealers to establish relationships with 70 conquest customers in five months.
  • Individual campaign programs achieved great success, with results such as:
    • Value selling program exceeded sales goal by 300 percent.
    • Customer connection program resulted in 500 incremental sales
      (heavy-duty trucks).
    • 200 percent ROI on overall program.

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