Developing the next generation of health leaders

Paso Del Norte: Developing the next generation of health leaders


Dramatic change is taking shape in the fields of population health and medicine. This evolution in the Paso del Norte community requires capable leadership to guide the way. In response to these changes, the Paso del Norte Health Foundation asked for our help in developing an innovative leadership program that would prepare current leaders in the region to:

  • Lead change within and outside of their organizations with a methodical, thoughtful and visionary approach.
  • Recognize the future needs of organizations and communities from a results and public health perspective.
  • Articulate a compelling vision.
  • Communicate in a clear, consistent and authentic manner.
  • Connect, align and engage key stakeholders in delivering on a common vision.
  • Demonstrate integrity and a global view while realizing that vision.
  • Inspire action and results for improved health and impact within the regions they serve.
  • Build strong, collaborative teams in complex environments.
  • Balance strategic thinking with focus on execution.


  • Designed and executed a customized health leader experience, named REALIZE, that prepared participants in the El Paso, Texas region to deliver results that impact health both locally and globally while engaging in world-class leadership development.
  • Through the development and application of our transformational leadership model to the unique needs of the region, our approach included:
    • Comprehensive nomination, application and selection process for the
      leadership program.
    • Executive assessment series utilizing a customized 360-degree
      Health Leadership Assessment.
    • One-on-one executive coaching.
    • Discussion sessions with world-class thought leaders (e.g., John Kotter, Marshall Goldsmith, Kevin Cashman).
    • Transformational off-site leadership experiences employing state-of-the-art experiential methodology.
    • Online learning resources with articles, white papers and collaboration tools.
    • Immediate application to real-time organizational and community health challenges.
    • Assessments to measure impact of individual leaders in their organizations.
    • Networking that strengthens the impact of the participant group.
    • Policy advocacy or group project proposal option utilizing leadership principles.
    • Collaboration in development and delivery of a health leaders summit.


  • The highest impact of the REALIZE program was seen in participant leaders’ behaviors in demonstrating integrity, communication, vision, team development and personal responsibility/accountability.
  • Projects inspired and funded through the Leadership Program will drive long-term impact both within organizations and the communities participants serve by focusing on critical public health challenges.
  • PDNHF is currently planning the nomination process for the second cohort.

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