Effective acquisition communications to drive a vision of growth

Belkin: Effective acquisition communications to drive a vision of growth


Belkin, a leading technology company based in Southern California, was poised to announce its intent to acquire the Linksys wireless networking business from Cisco. The Linksys acquisition – the largest in the company’s history – was a major step toward Belkin’s vision to become the global leader in the connected home and wireless networking space.

Days before the transaction was to be announced, Belkin needed to quickly plan and execute a global communication campaign to positively position the Linksys acquisition with customers and the industry, and build employee understanding and enthusiasm for combining the companies —setting the tone and pace for the transition to the new organization.


  • Established a core team from Belkin, Cisco and Gagen MacDonald to drive and integrate all announcement day and transition communications, ensuring consistency in messaging and stakeholder experiences.
  • Crafted a compelling story for each stakeholder audience with messaging and materials that articulated the power and benefits of Belkin and Linksys joining together.
  • Prepared and equipped leaders and global communicators for stakeholder outreach on announcement day and through transition.
  • Deployed high-touch as well as broad communication tactics – including Belkin leader get-togethers with Linksys employees and weekly CEO transition updates – to keep employees in both organizations informed and energized through the transition process to Day One of the combined company.


  • The story platform served as the foundation of all communications and was effectively reinforced in all Belkin/Linksys messaging and played back in media/analyst coverage.
  • Employees at both organizations received frequent and consistent communications about the acquisition and transition process.
  • Leadership felt well prepared to communicate the benefits of the acquisition to employees and to answer their questions about the transition and integration process.
  • A majority of selected Linksys employees accepted Belkin’s employment offers – a strong indication of the effectiveness of Belkin leadership interaction and communications.

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