Engaging a mobile workforce in a new technology rollout

Global Pharmaceutical Company: Engaging a mobile workforce in a new technology rollout


As is often the case in technology rollouts, the features and benefits of a large pharmaceutical company’s new Customer Relationship Management  (CRM) solution would not alone guarantee rapid adoption and sustained use.

For a successful rollout, the company needed to reach a largely mobile work force with a compelling case for change that positioned the platform as a business solution to benefit patients and not just an IT tool. It had to engage employees – many of whom had never used a CRM system before – across multiple businesses and roles.  It also had to acknowledge and address frustrations with the legacy solution in a way that engendered trust and shared belief.


Developed and executed an integrated communication plan to support a successful deployment and sustained use of the solution:

  • Focused planning and resources on the areas of greatest people risk.
  • Identified and drove key employee behaviors critical to success.
  • Used peer communication and endorsement to drive buy-in, including spotlighting pilot participants to ask them to speak to the reality of adopting and using the system.
  • Took advantage of existing meetings and gatherings, channels and vehicles to deliver key content and create experiences.
  • Armed leaders to reinforce the deployment and active application of the system’s capability.
  • Adopted a candid, light and humorous tone to cut through the clutter.
  • Created content suited to receiver behaviors that could be consumed quickly and
    on a mobile device.


  • Business leaders used communication toolkits to successfully engage their teams.
  • Interactive experiences at stakeholder gatherings whetted user appetite for the new solution.
  • Aware and activated workforce tapped into communication that was simple, shareable, and focused on business value:
    • A consistent drumbeat of stories and resources.
    • A microsite accessible by all.
    • Engaging videos that inform and amuse.
    • Clear and easily understandable infographics.
    • Amusing and effective video series that struck a funny bone in a way that didn’t overshadow the business purpose.

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