Engaging employees and equipping leaders to lead a technology transformation

Exelon: Engaging employees and equipping leaders to lead a technology transformation


Exelon Corporation and Constellation Energy merged to form the largest integrated energy provider in the United States. The merged technology infrastructure of the two companies was outdated and lacked a standard architecture, threatening the company’s reliability, scalability and speed of service delivery. Their Chief Information and Innovation officer set out to modernize their technology infrastructure bringing new end-user capabilities and benefits to Exelon’s 35,000 employees. The magnitude and complexity of change required a new communication approach to ensure seamless execution and adoption. Gagen MacDonald created an employee-focused campaign to drive awareness of the transformation and communicate the benefits of planned technological advancements.


  • Created the “IT’s for You” campaign that focused on the tangible, positive impacts employees would experience, while acknowledging that the transition may be difficult at times.
  • Developed branded icons associated with each of the six key benefits that end users would experience.
  • Used simple, straightforward and fun language that appealed to both hearts and minds.
  • Developed and executed launch materials comprising a transformation intranet site, email blasts, videos, and collateral and campaign branded premium items for all employees.
  • Hosted a campaign launch meeting for the top 300 IT leaders to equip them to be able to effectively communicate about the transformation and how it aligns with the company’s IT strategy.


  • 90 percent of all IT leaders felt the leadership meeting “was of great value.”
  • 90 percent were more aware of and confident in their role in leading the IT strategy.
  • 98 percent were committed to actions that will make them more effective in leading the IT strategy.
  • The “IT’s for You” campaign was the first of its kind at Exelon and helped reposition IT as a collaborative driver dedicated to helping employees work smarter.
  • The launch materials had a significantly higher employee interaction rate than other internal communications.













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