Enhancing the field sales communications experience

Global Pharmaceutical Company: Enhancing the field sales communications experience


Communication to the sales force of a leading pharmaceutical company had become increasingly cluttered and chaotic as the volume of information from the home office and other sources inundated the field. In addition, the complexity of the field organization made it difficult to target the right message through the right channel to a mobile sales team.

As a result, the field was “tuning out” because much of the communication it received was seen as redundant, not relevant, difficult to access and in general overwhelming. To better understand the field’s communication needs, a holistic assessment of the existing communication environment was conducted to develop solutions that would quickly and effectively improve the field communication experience and help drive sales performance.


  • Reviewed existing field communication research, channels, tools, programs and messaging and interviewed key stakeholders to gain a better understanding of the current communication environment.
  • Delivered a communication analysis and findings summary that applied research and insights to identify quick, impactful wins.
  • Conducted a full-day working session with sales communications team and working group to review insights and initial recommendations and to co-create a sales communication action plan.
  • Assessed and provided recommendations for redesigning the sales intranet to make it a truly “one-stop,” easy-to-navigate resource with dynamic content and interactivity.
  • Developed a playbook that guides sales communications and home office content developers in creating and targeting messages to the sales team that can be better managed and acted upon.
  • Designed a distinctive sales brand identity to launch communications improvements and signify a shift within the sales communications culture.
  • Created messages, tools and resources to roll out and socialize the new sales.
  • Implemented communications improvements to both the field and content developers, including a redesigned sales intranet, a sales communications resource guide for the field, and a field communication calendar and templates.
  • Designed and delivered a train-the-trainer workshop to educate communicators and field managers on sales communication process changes and new, enhanced messaging, channels and tools.


  • New sales communications processes, tools and channels have been broadly adopted and utilized by home office content developers, improving the delivery of more relevant, timely and useful information to the sales team.
  • In a company-wide follow-up survey, sales communications scored higher in effectiveness than communication [by] both the home office and the organization overall.
  • Helped to align leaders around their role of communicating with sales employees in an intentional, proactive and consistent manner.

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