Building Communication Competency

Phillips 66: Building Communication Competency

The Communication and Public Affairs function refreshed its strategy to drive employee engagement and accountability across the company in order to deliver on the company’s business priorities. The business required the function to develop a more inter-disciplinary set of strategic communication competencies to up-skill and enable all Communication and Public Affairs Professionals to serve as trusted advisors and business drivers with equal standing to senior colleagues in other functions.


Created a Communications Competency Development Program that:

  • Advanced the competency model to align with the unique needs of the organization and specific roles
  • Provided team members with a baseline understanding of current skill levels against the new competency model and mapped a development path forward, aligned and integrated with ongoing professional development and the company’s Keys to Success
  • Provided foundational training to develop capabilities to serve in three key, interrelated roles: Strategic Communicator, Trusted Advisor, Business Driver
  • Ensured communication capabilities and behaviors were driven through the performance development process

Developed the Phillip66 Online Communication & Public Affairs Learning Institute:

  • Created a systematic approach to training and development by instituting a customized professional development institute.
  • The Institute includes training and tools to promote continuous, self-paced learning opportunities and best practice sharing.


  • Increased the communication functions’ ability to effectively drive the business.
  • Strengthened the role for communication professionals across the business and operations.
  • Positioned communicators to counsel leaders on the impact of communication within their businesses.
  • Created a learning organization and shifted the mindset and behavior of team members