Communications Planning

Communications Planning

Whether the objective is a leadership transition, labor negotiation, change in strategic direction or a technology shift, successful implementation requires thoughtful and thorough communications planning that considers all potential impacts and stakeholder perspectives.

Gagen MacDonald helps leaders see issues from multiple points of view and through various filters, with an eye on the successful implementation of the plan or program, proving that effective internal communications planning can drive business results.

Our planning tools help the communication function reinvent itself into a high-performance function—from planning seminars to organization redesign.

Planning for Results™ Workshop:

An interactive strategic planning process that identifies short- and long-term approaches for message development and coaching to create a credible and effective communications environment that delivers business results. This unique workshop helps focus communications department actions on delivering operating results.


Our Core Planning Framework Underpins the Planning Methodology


Organizational Strategy & Redesign:

A process to redesign the communications function and its staffing, roles and responsibilities so that it aligns with the needs of the business.

100-Day Leadership Transition Plans:

Plans that provide a smooth transition for executive leadership, mergers and acquisitions, a new process or product launch and connects employees to the strategy behind the change and future plans.

Issues Planning Analysis:

A framework for planning in situations where events, announcements or changes span a broad range of audiences within a company or industry.

Vision, Mission and Strategy Clarification Workshops:

A way to develop an integrated plan for connecting vision and values to business results, communicating and measuring key behaviors and actions that demonstrate the values, and supporting change objectives for long-term goals.

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