Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

Success can be contagious. Our employee engagement approach invites people to join in.

We address employee engagement challenges by creating momentum, building visibility and communities and driving commitment to the business cause. Often our work is based on creating transformational experiences that change how people think about their work, management and relationships with the company and other employees. We “shine a light” on those who have the courage to do things differently. We help leadership demonstrate—through actions and words—that they are committed to a better way of doing things as “the” way.

Engagement Campaigns:

Some of the best campaign lessons are rooted in politics. We help clients create communication campaigns based on a drumbeat of messages to employee groups to reinforce a “words-action-words” approach.

We develop creative, visual and visceral campaigns that create a cause, inspire hearts and minds and motivate employees to action.

For Exelon, we developed a dynamic and engaging campaign to build awareness of their technology transformation.


Internal Social Media:

Many companies have turned to internal social media tools to engage employees in their strategies. Gagen MacDonald can help you design an internal social media program to increase employee collaboration, promote innovation and turn your employees into ambassadors for your brand. View our infographic and learn how we can help you develop an internal social media program to deliver bottom line results for your organization.

Leadership Meetings:

Companies often hold an annual leadership event to create leadership commitment for strategic initiatives and provide clear, credible information to key leaders to help them operationalize strategy and provide a foundation for decision making. We have deep experience in supporting our clients, who often play a critical role for their companies in conceiving, developing and executing leadership meetings.

Face-to-Face Meetings:

Two-way dialogue connects employees directly to leadership and ensures a line-of-sight from the field to company issues. We support companies to create an experience where leaders meet with frontline employees to engage them in conversation and, most important, hear what’s top-of-mind for employees as well as see the impact of corporate decision making on the front line.

Business Education:

Business education is an important tool to increase employees’ understanding of strategy and why key business decisions are made. A business education campaign can bring the reality of the competitive marketplace to employees and enable them to build their knowledge of how the company is run.

Employee Ambassadors:

Since we trust and are most influenced by people like ourselves, employees serve as an important channel and avenue to reach both internal and external stakeholders. We have substantial experience engaging employees as agents of culture, brand and integration.

Action Teams:

When immediate business opportunities arise such as cost reduction, cross-functional collaboration and problem solving, companies often turn to employee-based teams to deliver. We help teams organize, plan, coordinate and execute against specific short-term goals to take advantage of sudden changes or opportunities.


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