Employee Value Proposition

Employee Value Proposition

What is a corporation but a group of people drawn together for a common purpose? That purpose is multidimensional: to deliver shareholder value, to inspire customer loyalty and to attract, motivate and retain employees.

An employee value proposition defines the ‘give’ and the ‘get’. It’s more than a contract or deal between a company and its employees; it’s a relationship. It represents the bond between an employer and its employees – outlining expectations for the relationship and each group’s commitment to the other.

We believe an employee value proposition must connect to a company’s purpose and meaning – that’s the context for the relationship.

The strength and authenticity of that relationship influences your ability to achieve your company’s purpose and business outcomes. For these reasons, we must place great emphasis on keeping employees engaged in their role in the company. By working in collaboration with our HR and business partners, we look at your key levers and create defining moments that employees will experience, which define those levers. This, then, creates an employee value proposition that’s unique to your organization.

Understanding, communicating and reinforcing a company’s employee value proposition is the shared responsibility of leaders, communicators and HR professionals. Therefore, execution of your Employee Value Proposition should be holistic, integrated and consistent and take into account all of the touchpoints of the employee life cycle, including leadership, organizational experiences, communication and infrastructure.

Purpose of the Employee Value Proposition

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