Internal Branding

Internal Branding

Transforming a brand to deliver on your strategy is complex work. It requires deep insights as to who you are and what you offer, and who your customers are and what they desire. As we have seen consistently in our history, efforts to revamp a brand fall flat if employees do not know how to deliver the brand differently. Creating the kind of culture change that engages employees in the behaviors and perspective necessary to live and deliver the brand begins with internal branding.

By focusing on your brand’s “defining moments” across stakeholders, we work in an integrated manner to engage your employees in the specific behaviors necessary to make your brand promise your brand reality.

Brands live in the sweet spot between our company’s unique identity and our market’s needs and desires. We forge a successful brand based on finding shared values between your employees and your customers. To this end, we believe:

  • Employees are your greatest brand ambassadors.
  • A clear connection must be made between your brand strategy and your business strategy.
  • Prioritizing activity against your customers’ defining moments is critical.
  • You need to spend as much time communicating your brand internally as you do externally.
  • Employees deliver the brand best when they are emotionally connected to it.
  • No single function owns the brand – successful delivery requires organization-wide commitment and contribution.


Gagen MacDonald’s unique internal branding expertise is not in brand creation or definition, but in the unique and vital space of brand execution.

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