Professional/Skill Development

Professional/Skill Development

Evolving business strategies and corporate objectives force virtually all organizations to face the challenge of improving results in the midst of change. Gagen MacDonald works with companies to enhance the performance of employees and key functions to ensure the right capabilities are in place to ensure success.

With expertise in such areas as organizational design, leadership development, customized training and strategic communications, we help individuals to improve their impact as change agents, human resource and communications teams to grow as business drivers, and companies to engage all employees in building a better business.

Our professional/skill development programs include:

Professional Development Capability Building for Communication & HR Functions:

Based on our proprietary competency framework that organizes competencies into three key, interrelated roles – Business Driver, Trusted Advisor, and Strategic Communicator or HR Professional – we partner with our clients to build a more robust professional development program for communicators that increases the functional capability required to effectively drive the business and support realization of business strategy.

Communication Online Institute:

Our institute offers practical, self-paced, hands-on training that helps communicators understand and master the three major roles crucial to success: the Business Driver role, the Trusted Advisor role, and the Strategic Communicator role. It delivers a framework for building the competencies and skills required in the new business environment, serves as a platform for collaboration and information sharing across traditional silos, and provides access to best practices and thought leadership.

Gagen Communications Institute

Communications Training for Managers and Supervisors:

We provide individual executive coaching or group Communication in Action® workshops to train leaders at all levels to communicate consistently across the organization. Our workshop incorporates role-playing and storytelling for managers and supervisors.

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