Strategic Story Development & Activation

Strategic Story Development & Activation

It’s not a story until more than one person can tell it.

Stories are an incredibly powerful way to motivate employees and transform an organization. But even the most thoughtfully crafted story is just an abstract concept unless it’s fully activated with your corporate culture. Exceptional corporate stories touch the emotions, build beliefs and inspire employees to think and behave differently. Anything less is simply not living up to its potential.

Gagen inspires and motivates employees by developing strategic stories the entire organization can get behind. Using neuroscience principles underlying motivation and persuasion, our approach starts with creating an impactful story that aligns with a company’s purpose, mission and vision. What truly sets us apart, though, is our unique ability to bring that story to life in a very compelling way.

We design memorable experiences to immerse employees in the story. Employees don’t just hear the story—they live it through interactive events designed to shape beliefs and drive lasting behavioral change. Momentum then builds with a continuous cadence of inspiring communications, providing a truly transformative experience.  The real magic of story activation begins when employees begin to bring the story to life in the workplace.

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While a good corporate story will inspire employees, they will only embrace it when they hear it told well, by managers and leaders they trust. Front-line managers need to be able to express and personalize the strategy in a way that is thoroughly authentic. Gagen equips leaders to tap into the power of story, bringing clarity, capability and confidence to their role as change ambassadors.

By defining behaviors that drive performance, we then translate the corporate story into everyday actions that employees can take. Recognizing and rewarding employees for living the culture reinforces and sustains these behaviors and energizes the organization to keep everyone moving forward.


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