Alexis Bogdan

Alexis Bogdan

Alexis has over a decade of experience bringing communications to life through design. Having worked on both the agency and corporate side of communications, she is passionate about helping companies build meaningful relationships with their employees and developing engaging campaigns that inspire action. With her positive attitude and experience in creative thinking Alexis pushes the boundaries of design to exceed client expectations.

Leading the design team at Gagen MacDonald, she develops innovative solutions to communicate complex strategies for leading brands such as ADP and Johnson & Johnson. Tapping into her broad skillset in video, animation and digital design, Alexis recently led the development of a leadership portal for Bristol-Myers Squibb, a personalized intranet platform for PVH and a transformation story video for Becton Dickinson.

Prior to joining Gagen MacDonald, Alexis was part of the in-house corporate design team at OfficeMax, where she formed a deep understanding of the importance of brand consistency and clear communication.

She first learned of her love for internal communications designing informative yet motivational communications for one of the world’s most prestigious management consulting firms.

Alexis also applies her creative expertise to Gagen MacDonald’s marketing efforts, overseeing the creative development of infographics, videos and websites.