Anna Vonderhaar

Anna Vonderhaar

Combining her background in data analytics and psychology with her positivity, curiosity and drive to help companies improve their total employee experience, Anna is passionate about using data to develop effective strategic plans and support behavior change.

At Gagen MacDonald since 2017, Anna utilizes her behavioral science background to partner with clients to create programs that drive employee engagement and culture change. Her recent work has involved helping a Fortune 500 professional services firm rethink and improve its employee experience.

As part of her undergraduate studies at Carnegie Mellon University, Anna served as a pro bono consultant for the City of Pittsburgh in a partnership designed to optimize city bike routes by analyzing street widths, daily vehicle and pedestrian traffic and parking tendencies. To fully evaluate safety, efficiency and even economic impact, Anna and her team researched and interviewed numerous stakeholders across the city, including bike shop owners, riders and bike sharing businesses. After several months, her research influenced the creation of Pittsburgh’s 2017 City Plan.

Anna began her consulting career by working with the CEO of a Pittsburgh apartment management company to engage and retain tenants.  To provide insights, Anna analyzed prospects’ behaviors and motivations. Together, Anna and the owner re-purposed a public space and articulated benefits to possible tenants, leading to a 15 percent decrease in vacancy.

Anna is a Chicago native and received her Bachelor of Science from Carnegie Mellon University, with a dual major in Decision Science and Environmental Policy.