Ashley Duffey

Ashley Duffey

Ashley brings her positivity, drive for improvement, and passion for collaboration to Gagen MacDonald. By connecting ideas, needs, and opportunities for growth, Ashley provides crucial support and project management for her team to successfully engage clients. She thoughtfully anticipates and balances the needs of clients, team members, and stakeholders to build trust and deliver results.

Prior to joining Gagen MacDonald, Ashley was the Operations Coordinator for the consulting firm SNP Strategies, specializing in evolving nonprofits’ fundraising strategies. Working with the President and CEO, Ashley designed new product offerings, conducted client research, created proposal and project presentations, and managed donor databases. During her time at SNP Strategies, Ashley proactively leveraged her strategic organizational skills to build an operations manual and effectively streamline business processes.

Ashley launched her career at Stagen, an executive leadership development firm based in Dallas, as the Program Manager. She supported their mission to expand leaders’ capacity for wisdom, compassion, and courage through program management and delivery. Ashley provided value through the creation of a service model, program materials and financial management, and product development input on a user-facing online learning platform. Dedicated to their long-term development, Ashley brought clients, coaches, and facilitators the tools, environment, and support they needed to thrive.

Currently, Ashley plays an integral role in her team and is commonly referred to as its “glue.” Her responsibilities span project planning and implementation, business development support, financial analysis, and administrative management. Bolstered by her experiences at SNP Strategies and Stagen, Ashley brings a keen attention to detail and high-quality execution that fosters continuous improvements of her teams’ systems and processes.

Ashley graduated from The University of Texas at San Antonio, earning a degree in Management with a concentration in Small Business and Entrepreneurship, and minoring in Marketing. Ashley is currently pursuing a Master’s degree from North Park University in Nonprofit Administration.