Ashley Parer

Ashley Parer

The core of Ashley’s character and work is driven by her passion to connect with others and ability to build and nurture meaningful relationships. Her innate curiosity inspires her to understand multiple perspectives of a business issue and is a driving force in how she tackles complex business challenges. Ashley strikes a balance in being able to bring emotion to a message while also being very direct and methodical in her communication style. Her keen attention to detail provides her clients both thorough analysis and high quality, effective execution of their strategies.

Prior to joining Gagen MacDonald, Ashley worked for nearly seven years at Adtalem, a leading global education provider and parent company of nine, for-profit universities. During her tenure, she supported several different brands in delivering their mission to help students identify and execute their career and educational goals. The organization saw several transformations during her tenure, requiring her to adapt often and quickly. She understands firsthand the delicacy and precision with which a business transformation must be executed to be successful.

Ashley’s experience in higher education equipped her with the aptitude to tailor communications across multiple channels and diverse audiences, and provide exceptional counsel during a pivotal time in a person’s professional and personal life. Ashley also served on an Advisory Council tasked with recommending solutions to senior leadership on how to improve processes and enhance employee experience.

Since joining Gagen MacDonald, Ashley has supported the planning and execution of a global engagement strategy for a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company, designed to mobilize and inspire nearly 140,000 employees around the company values. In addition to engagement strategy design, Ashley led the development and execution of activation materials to help drive cross-functional alignment, build understanding and deepen employee commitment. Ashley also coordinated local activations across regions, sectors and countries by developing localized activities for sites to leverage with their teams to increase employee engagement and participation.

Ashley graduated from Monmouth College, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a minor in Communications. She completed graduate courses at Keller Graduate School of Management in Business Administration concentrating in Organizational Change and Behavior.