Casey Croslin

Casey Croslin

As an industrial organizational (IO) psychologist, Casey Croslin possesses the unique perspective of applying psychology to improve performance in the workplace. She contributes to an organization’s success by understanding and measuring human behavior to improve employees’ satisfaction in their work, increase employers’ ability to select and promote the best people, and make the workplace better for those who work there.

Joining Gagen MacDonald in 2019, Casey brings a distinctive set of skills in organizational effectiveness, leadership and employee development, performance management, change management, competency modeling, learning facilitation, and job analysis. Her motivation and passion to create a positive workplace environment makes her an invaluable asset to the firm’s Fortune 500 clients.

Casey has been instrumental in supporting the planning and execution of a global adoption strategy for a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company, designed to mobilize and inspire nearly 140,000 employees around the company’s leadership values. She co-led the development and exaction of activation materials to help drive organization-wide behavior change and employee commitment. Casey has also supported the development of several proposals facilitating large-scale change initiatives that drive employee engagement and culture change.

Prior to Gagen MacDonald, Casey worked in professional services as an IO psychologist for government clients. While consulting for different government agencies, she oversaw change management campaigns; leadership 360◦ assessment, facilitation, and development; competency modeling; mentoring; and job analysis practices.


  • The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (Ph.D. Industrial Organizational Psychology)
  • Oklahoma State University (M.A. Merchandising)
  • University of Oklahoma (B.A. Psychology)