Jordyn Greenberg

Jordyn Greenberg

Blending her experience shaping and launching differentiated brands with her educational background in decision science and professional writing, Jordyn applies a unique combination of skillsets to internal strategy, culture and engagement, communications and people management.

At Gagen MacDonald, Jordyn brings vision, enthusiasm and smarts to the table to create impactful change for client teams who view aligning and engaging their workforce as top priority. She designs meaningful strategies, creative campaigns and narratives focused on culture building, employee engagement, and implementing change. Her work roots itself in research, performing audits and analyzing materials to inform the design of creative engagement strategies and communication plans. She is currently working to create a stronger mindset and culture of development at a leading healthcare company.

Prior to joining Gagen MacDonald, Jordyn developed and launched brands across a variety of industries for a brand experience agency in Denver. As a consultant on the strategy and insights team, herwork focused on creating cultures, compelling stories and engaging experiences to inspire employees to live their company’s brand. Jordyn led thinking and relationships across an impressive list of clients, including Frontier Airlines, Ballad Health, NorthwellHealth and the Denver Nuggets, also earning herself a 2016 Business and Marketing Association Gold Key Award for work with Johns Manville, a roofing and insulation manufacturer headquartered in Denver.

Previously, Jordyn also spent time working in the Big Apple at a global branding firm and at a market research and consulting firm in Pittsburgh.

Jordyn is a born and bred Arizonan who made her way to Colorado and then Chicag0 after enjoying having four real seasons in Pittsburgh at Carnegie Mellon. She runs, spins, hikes and skis—depending on the season—and logs laughs, smiles and good times with friends when checking out new spots around town.