Kathleen Connolly

Kathleen Connolly

With more than 20 years of strategic corporate and agency communications experience, Kathleen Connolly specializes in working with complex organizations undergoing significant change.

Kathleen has served as a senior communications leader at Fortune 500 companies, Sears, Roebuck and Co. and OfficeMax, Inc. In those roles she worked closely with executive leadership to develop and strengthen company culture and embed and reinforce key initiatives and strategies to drive sales and enhance employee engagement.

In addition to her corporate roles, she also has experience as a consultant and agency representative for a variety of business-to-business and consumer clients in diverse industries such as retail, agriculture, publishing, apparel and technology.

Her extensive experience includes many facets of integrated communications including strategic communications planning and implementation, employee engagement, internal branding, executive communications and restructuring. Kathleen is Prosci, change management certified and she is especially passionate about bringing the vision of the future to life for employees and driving results during corporate and business culture changes and transformations.

Kathleen graduated with a BA in Public Relations from Illinois State University and is also Prosci Change Management Certified.