Miranda Creech

Miranda Creech

Miranda is driven by a spirit of curiosity, tenacity, and rigor to improve strategic communication operations for both her team and clients. Having worked within the complexities of the data security, medical, and logistics industries, she is uniquely equipped to streamline and transform crucial processes while keeping a pulse on the client experience.

Before joining Gagen, Miranda most recently led a sales team and managed 90+ client accounts at a leading data security company, Trustwave Holdings. Bolstered by an operational background, she developed a keen ability to work cross-functionally and align many disparate departments while ensuring her clients received top notch care. Her success was due in large part to her excellent communication skills and attunement to the needs and pain points of her teammates and clients alike. At Trustwave, Miranda cultivated an appreciation of internal communications and client relationship management, as well as a professional philosophy of transparency and integrity that she carries with her today.

Miranda is well-versed in supporting large-scale change initiatives and has first-hand experience with merger acquisitions. While at Trustwave, her team underwent an acquisition by Singapore Telecommunications. Compiled with the competing demands of sales and Trustwave’s dynamic, fast-paced environment, Miranda saw many of her teammates in need of support and acted as a mentor for account managers while in a team lead role. Additionally, Miranda spearheaded an EMR implementation and office-space restructuring at an Ohio-based dermatological practice. While interning for IB Logistics, a management and IT solutions consulting firm contracted by the U.S. Air Force, organizational operations and internal communications peeked Miranda’s interest.

At Gagen, Miranda brings her toolbox of skills to optimize and deliver a wide range of project-related tasks. On any given day, she acts as a workflow analyst, project manager, financial monitor, and new business developer. Her organization, communication proficiency, and attention to detail directly translate to her consulting team’s ability to bring high caliber service to clients. She is recognized for relentlessly seeking better ways to manage workflow by learning from past projects and anticipating what is around the corner.

Out of the office, Miranda coordinates fundraising and event planning efforts for Surge for Water, a non-profit dedicated to life-sustaining water. She graduated summa cum laude from La Sierra University with a Bachelor of Arts in History and Pre-law minor.