Steve Kakos

Steve Kakos

Steve has helped organizations influence and inform their audiences when it matters most. He is passionate about helping clients capture the insights to create more empathetic, captivating campaigns and content that drives change. He has refined and practiced this craft over a twenty five year career spent in both the brand marketing and people and culture worlds.

At Gagen, Steve leads a team of consultants who are passionate about bringing our leadership, organizational development, change and culture work to life with our clients.

Most recently, Steve led Second City Works, the professional services arm of the legendary Second City comedy theatre, which championed improvisation and emotionally-resonant campaigns as means of equipping Fortune 500 clients to think beyond clichéd, conventional approaches to launching some of their most important growth, communications, and change initiatives. Steve’s work shaped the transformation of several iconic multibillion dollar brands. This culminated in the creation of Brandstage, a joint venture with WPP, then the world’s largest advertising holding company, to rapid prototype new products, innovations, and creative concepts in collaboration with target audiences, where Steve served as a Board Member and Managing Partner.

Previously, Steve worked with a novel, venture-backed consumer healthcare engagement provider that used principles of behavioral science to nudge consumers, employees and health plan members to actively make healthier choices. Steve also served as a Director for RSM, one of the world’s largest accounting and business consultancies, and in a leadership role for closerlook, a strategic communications agency focused on helping patients and physicians both make better decisions about healthcare.

Earlier in his career, Steve co-founded Divine Consultants, which used insight from C-suite win/loss interviews to create more empathetic, client-centric consulting approaches for several of the world’s largest, most sophisticated professional services firms. He started his career with PeopleSolutions, an Inc. 500 human capital advisory firm where as Managing Director, Internet Applications, he focused on emerging technologies and their role in creating stronger employer brands and more empathetic employee/candidate experiences.

Education: The University of Texas at Dallas (Bachelor of Arts, Psychology)