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Amrit Gill

Manager, Consulting

Amrit is dedicated to making people’s lives happy, engaged and motivated at work through innovative and people-centric communications and initiatives. Prior to joining Gagen in 2021, she developed her experience in the change management, employee engagement, corporate philanthropy and internal communications spaces.

In her previous role, Amrit worked with a global specialty insurance firm providing change management and communications support for cross-functional initiatives, developing companywide communications messaging and supporting the business’ philanthropic efforts. Some of her accomplishments include revamping the company intranet, developing communications campaigns for new IT and HR initiatives, and creating a strategy for relaunching and streamlining the digital signage. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, Amrit quickly jumped in to repurpose the content on the company’s new digital signage channel to make it relevant and accessible on SharePoint for employees who were working from home.

Prior to that, Amrit worked with clients in various industries at a global public relations firm where she and her team created engaging communications for a headquarters move, facilitated a franchisee conference and supported the launch of an intranet site for frontline workers.In 2019, Amrit received a Pro Bono Campaign Award from the PR News Platinum PR Awards and a Silver Bell Ringer Award for her contributions to the planning and execution of Boston University’s 2018 PRoBono. PRoBono is a one-night philanthropic event where Boston University students create a pop-up PR Agency to support non-profit organizations in Boston.Amrit brings a wide variety of experience in complex and unique industries and is adept at bridging the gap between businesses and the workforce that represents them.

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