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Brad Trask

Director, Consulting

Brad is a proven corporate communications and change management professional with more than 35 years of global, executive-level experience and deep expertise aligning systems and leading high-performing teams.

He began his career as a journalist before bringing those skills to agencies to help clients drive business strategy — internally and externally — as well as successfully move employees through change. His clients included some of the world’s leading brands. He also has in-house experience: notably, nearly 20 years in corporate communications for McDonald’s Corporation, so he “gets” the needs and challenges of clients and how to work collaboratively to get the most from agency partnerships. Now, his professional life has come full circle, returning to the role of an agency thought partner.

Today, clients value him as a hands-on leader. He is confident and has gravitas when providing direct, strategic communications counsel to senior executives and boards of directors. He is passionate about engaging employees and helping them find their role in an organization’s vision, mission and business strategy by creating corporate narratives and messaging designed to tell a story. During change, his guiding hand helps bring clarity and sense of purpose, using disciplines and approaches from his journalistic and previous external and internal experience. Finally, his work in international markets makes him adept at navigating matrixed and global organizations with cultural competency. He strives to help his Gagen MacDonald clients become more insightful, and their organizations more focused, connected, aligned and inspired.

A southerner by birth, a mid-westerner by choice and now a west coast denizen with east coast interests, he’s never sure what time zone he’s in and can lapse into long-winded (but, largely, entertaining) stories and anecdotes.

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