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Maggie Darsow

Senior Manager, Consulting

Maggie is passionate about building strong cross-functional relationships to increase employee engagement and reinforce organizational culture. Prior to joining Gagen MacDonald, she managed corporate, employee, franchise and marketing communications at international organizations in the financial, retail and hospitality sectors.

Maggie enjoys driving culture and connecting employees with a company’s vision. She uses thoughtful and actionable strategic communications to guide organizations through times of tremendous change. Some of her recent experiences include crisis management, pandemic response, organizational alignment, HR program changes, culture initiatives, field and operational changes and technical IT-driven transformations — along with intranet establishment, governance and maintenance. Maggie also builds and maximizes executives’ internal brands and visibility through the creation of newsletters, scripts, videos, in-person events and virtual gatherings.

At Gagen MacDonald, Maggie creates and supports the delivery of actionable plans and strategic communications programs to help her clients achieve the results they desire. She applies her expertise and experience to leverage an organization’s brand, culture, vision and history to motivate and inspire employees to align with business objectives.

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University of Minnesota-Duluth
B.A.A. Organizational Management and Marketing
Prosci® Certified Change Practitioner