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Miranda is driven by a spirit of curiosity, tenacity and rigor to deliver and advance strategic communications and execution for her clients. Having worked within the complexities of the pharmaceutical, healthcare, financial services and data security industries, she is uniquely equipped to provide tailored solutions that establish clarity and confidence while keeping a pulse on the client experience.

At Gagen MacDonald, Miranda brings her toolbox of skills to optimize a wide range of employee engagement and internal communications initiatives. Most recently, Miranda spearheaded a crisis communications response team for a Fortune 50 healthcare company on the frontlines of developing a COVID-19 vaccine candidate. From overseeing the implementation of a COVID resource intranet page, to a weekly all-employee newsletter, to communications counsel for the Global Crisis Management Team, her multichannel strategy has driven engagement results.

In 2018, Miranda led a team in the planning and execution of a six-month global engagement and celebration of the values for one of the largest healthcare companies in the world. Working cross-functionally, the crowning event reached 30,000 employees and the ongoing campaign hit record engagement, extending to 100,000 employees. Miranda also provided counsel and support to the pharmaceutical sector of the same healthcare company during the launch of an internal and external campaign introducing a new promise- a declaration and commitment to patients.Additionally, Miranda attained first hand experience in the merger space having supported internal employee communications and Day 1 planning for the Chief Communications Officer of a managed healthcare insurance company merging with a healthcare corporation in 2018.On any given day, Miranda acts as a client relationship manager, client advocate and project manager. Her organization, communications proficiency and attention to detail directly translate to her team’s ability to bring high caliber service to clients. She is recognized for relentlessly seeking better ways to manage workflow by learning from past projects and anticipating what is around the corner.Before joining Gagen, Miranda led a sales team and managed 90+ client accounts at a leading data security company, Trustwave Holdings. Bolstered by an operational background, she developed a keen ability to work cross-functionally and align disparate departments while ensuring her clients received best in class service. At Trustwave, Miranda cultivated an appreciation of internal communications and client relationship management, as well as a professional philosophy of transparency and integrity that she carries with her today.Out of the office, Miranda serves on the Associate Board of Surge for Water, a non-profit dedicated to life-sustaining water.Out of the office, Miranda coordinates fundraising and event planning efforts for Surge for Water, a non-profit dedicated to life-sustaining water.

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