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Molly Exner

Manager, Consulting

Molly is a diverse communications expert with over 15 years of hands-on experience developing and managing the implementation of solutions and technologies across corporate, marketing and digital functions. She has supported initiatives for a variety of Fortune 500 companies in retail, healthcare, education and manufacturing, in addition to a pharmaceutical start-up. Molly’s a quality-first, process-orientated leader driven by the opportunity to create positive, impactful experiences that inspire change and action.

She currently supports an array of initiatives for one of the largest healthcare companies in the world with an emphasis on providing internal solutions to increase employee engagement, ensure accuracy, and simplify how the works gets done. She’s committed to developing superior systems and methods that provide streamlined paths to relevant, easy-to-find information for employees and leaders. Her meticulous nature leaves no stone unturned and gives clients a calming reassurance that they’ll receive high-quality, outcomes that exceed expectations.

In prior roles, Molly led change communication initiatives in finance, dental and manufacturing organizations for SAP deployments and partnered with global change portfolio and project implementation leads to develop communities of practice for technology, process and people changes. With seasoned project and creative asset management skills, she also has extensive experience collaborating with global IT teams for systems integration, along with implementing and governing enterprise-wide digital platforms.

Molly brings an introspective approach to communications planning and execution. She has an innate reaction to upholding best practices to avoid the risk of having to sacrifice reputation when urgency is in the driver's seat. She’s fearless at orchestrating moving pieces and has an innate ability to dissect a situation, peel back the layers and translate that into quality results.

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