Culture Change

Culture Change

As companies, we invest heavily in research, market analysis and planning necessary to create winning strategies. We develop a sense of the competitive advantages, opportunities and threats critical to unlocking the key to our growth. We anticipate the returns that will accrue upon implementation of our strategies, but are, only too often disappointed. The advantages we seemed poised to capitalize on remain untapped, our opportunities unrealized, our threats increasingly creeping. In many cases, this is not because our strategy was wrong but because our companies were not prepared to execute on them. To achieve the results we want, we need to place the same priority on culture change that we do on strategy development.

Executing a strategy requires unity in how we think, act and perform. The winning thought is as valuable as the slide on which it is presented if the behaviors we encourage and reward within our operations don’t ladder up to its execution. For instance, if we ask for innovation but punish failed ideas, we are doomed to stagnancy.

Enabling culture change requires integrated collaboration between Corporate Communications, Human Resources and Operations.

Enabling culture change requires integrated collaboration between Corporate Communications, Human Resources and Operations. It requires alignment on a company’s vision, values and desired cultural behaviors. It requires that what employees hear formally and informally reinforce these qualities. It requires that our systems of performance management and people development be resourced against the correct priorities.

Facilitating this alignment and producing these behaviors has been at the backbone of Gagen MacDonald’s client service since its inception. By working across multiple functions starting from the C-suite down, we bring deep expertise to designing change that takes traction and brings strategies to life.

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