Leadership Assessments

Leadership Assessments

To ensure your leaders are making a direct impact on the business, it’s important to measure their effectiveness. Our assessments are foundational leadership platforms that define attributes and competencies specific to each client’s business, culture and leadership focus.

Our tools include:

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.
  • CCL Benchmark 360.
  • 360 One-on-One.

Our leadership assessments offerings include:

Information Flow™ Evaluation

Evaluation questions are designed to measure the underlying effectiveness of six dimensions of communications:

Perceived inclusiveness of communication.

Reliability and efficiency of the communication infrastructure.

Timeliness of communication.

Effectiveness of vertical and lateral channels (up, down, across).

Extent to which communication helps employees do their jobs.

Domains of authentic communication: style, candor and completeness.

Information Flow™ can be performed quantitatively, qualitatively, or as a mixture of both.

A survey designed to identify where information flow is blocked and provide an indication of underlying causes as well as the impact on business performance. The survey measures both leadership communication behavior and existing communication tools.

An in-depth individual interview used with teams and departments to identify issues that prevent the sharing of information and key leadership behaviors required for authentic and transparent communication.

Leadership Communication Effectiveness Assessment

A tool designed to assess leadership communications effectiveness and competency across eight key dimensions (see Figure 2).

The tool helps leaders evaluate and improve their individual communication style, focus on improving behaviors that drive engagement and performance, and develop and refine the behaviors necessary to becoming an authentic communicator. As with traditional 360-degree assessments, peers, managers, and direct reports are invited to provide feedback and ratings in addition to the self-assessment.

The assessment is ideally supported by a coaching process for individuals and teams to develop their change leadership capabilities and action plans based on real-time assessment results.


Leadership Effectiveness Survey

This tool generates a baseline of individual leadership strengths, needs and improvement areas, as well as practical recommendations for performance improvement. It is informed by a review of the literature of leadership behaviors that drive high performance and is benchmarked against a database of Fortune 100 and 500 leaders.

The tool can be customized and correlated to your leadership behavior model. Results are reviewed through one-on-one or group coaching sessions in which leaders apply insights from the survey in establishing individual development plans.