At Gagen MacDonald, we build the capability within leaders and employees to turn their vision for strategy into action and results. We offer a wide range of customizable workshops to strengthen the expertise and capability of professionals to engage the organization and accelerate results.

We are committed to transferring capabilities to your team. To facilitate this, we work to build understanding and skills in your organization, and partner with your people at every step of the learning journey. Our goal is not lifetime employment, but continuous improvement.

Our Workshops

Planning for Results:
A strategic approach to communication planning, which includes building the plan and a case study exercise.

Three Roles That Drive Performance:
An overview of changes in the world and business landscape that have the most impact on the role of communication and marketing professionals; research on the changing of communication; introduction to the three roles: Trusted Advisor, Business Driver, Strategic Communication, and grounding on the critical communication competencies required for strategic impact and performance.

Introduction to Trusted Advisor Suite:
Identify and practice the requisite behaviors associated with the communications leader role of Trusted Advisor; recognize behaviors that build, erode or rebuild trust; increase capacity to gather relevant information through the questioning process and feedback; strengthen capacity to leverage specific power and influence strategies.

Introduction to Business Driver Suite:
Increase ability to effectively create and manage the business partner relationship; learn to use targeted and specific questions to uncover relevant information resulting in a deeper relationship; discuss implications for the role of business driver/partner and continue formulation of a specific development plan; explore application of analytical tools as they pertain to the role of business partner; understand how the role of business partner enhances your day-to-day work as a communicator.

Introduction to Strategic Communicator Suite:
Understand strategic communicator competencies and strategies; apply customer/client research tools; learn techniques to link communications to results; apply the six core principles of communications to a specific environment; understand practices that focus actions on and drive strategic business objectives.

Building Leadership Communication Capability:
Explore the business impact of effective leadership communication; critical communication competencies for leaders, and steps for equipping leaders to communicate effectively.

Inspiring Employee Engagement Through Storytelling: Includes the characteristics of a great story and successful storytellers, examples of great corporate stories, insights on employee engagement, a template for great stories and building the storytelling muscle.

Driving Alignment Through Strategic Messaging:
Includes segments on the power of alignment, intake and input, crafting the strategic message platform and facilitating alignment with leaders.

Consider Dialogue Solve Training:
Action planning and introduction to a model for effective leader communications.

Conflict Resolution Training: 
Skill development for building alignment and common ground for business results.

Leadership Communication Training for Managers and Supervisors:
Individual coaching or group workshop to develop leadership communication skills; incorporates role-playing for managers using a message platform.

Communication in Action® Workshop:
Provides individual coaching and role-play for manager and supervisors.

Facilitative Communications Training:
Training for leaders to sharpen or develop facilitation skills with groups or individuals.

Relevant Case Studies