About Let Go & Lead

We started this project with a simple vision: To bring together a diverse community and share perspectives on what it means to lead in today’s ever changing world—a world where leaders feel less and less in control.


Using the Let Go & Lead Framework as a guide, we continue to engage thought leaders from different walks of life and ask them the questions that keep our clients up at night: How can a strategy take root in an organization and flourish so that all are focused on the same outcome? How can we inspire those around us to take up a strategy and deliver it, bringing the full weight of their gifts to bear on the challenge? Each thought leader has shared a point of view on what we see as a fundamental paradox at the heart of today’s leadership challenge: Now more than ever, leaders must let go to lead. This site is dedicated to sharing those diverse perspectives with you.

Let Go & Lead is a community. It is a celebration of diversity and a genuine embrace of different points of view in an attempt to come to an unprecedented understanding of how the most powerful ideas come to life within the most complex environments and systems.

Questions or comments about Let Go & Lead? Contact Lindsay Theile at l.theile@gagenmac.com.