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We’re excited to announce our latest Let Go & Lead interview series with DePaul University. In partnership with graduate students from the College of Communication, we put prominent business leaders in conversation with the next generation of communicators. The results will stimulate, inspire and challenge you. Many thanks to Professor Ron Culp and the interviewees for these thought-provoking conversations.

“You're the one essentially in charge of your own fate and how successful you are so you have to train like a pro in everything that you do. We do that every day, we train nonstop, we educate nonstop, but we build tools and technology that allow us to keep up with that.”
Drew Lydecker
Drew Lydecker Co-Founder and President
AVANT Communications
"With one briefcase and a phone the size of a boot, Wehmer set up a meeting over a card table and a few cold beers in Lake Forest with the goal of creating a customer-oriented bank. Soon, his perseverance and mantra of failing forward transformed the startup finance firm into Chicago’s second largest banking company."
Ed Wehmer
Ed Wehmer President & CEO
Wintrust Financial Corporation
“We don’t make anything at UL, but what we supply is trust. The trust that consumers have when they see our UL mark in a circle, knowing an item meets rigorous safety standards, is our product.”
Terry Brady
Terry Brady President
Underwriters Laboratories (UL)
"I believe in a 'Reach Back, Pull Forward' mindset—the idea of taking the knowledge, skills and influential moments from your personal and professional life and helping others at the beginning of their careers."
Kim Feil
Kim Feil CMO & CSO
Aspire Healthy Energy Drinks
“It’s all about communication, which is an integral part of dealing with people. When they are doing their job and making an effort, it should be appreciated and happen on an ongoing basis.”
Andrea Zopp
Andrea Zopp CEO
World Business Chicago
“All my jobs helped build communities and have been impactful. I never lost sight of who should benefit from a life of work.”
Edwin Eisendrath
Edwin Eisendrath Former CEO
Chicago Sun-Times
“My three operative words are access, relevance and sustainability. And if we are not relevant and successful, we are not going to be sustainable.​”
Greg Cameron
Greg Cameron President & CEO
Joffrey Ballet