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We’re excited to announce a brand-new interview series for Let Go & Lead, our online conversation about leadership today. In partnership with graduate students from DePaul University’s College of Communication, we put prominent business leaders in conversation with the next generation of communicators. The results will stimulate, inspire and challenge you. Many thanks to Professor Ron Culp and the interviewees for these thought-provoking conversations.

I’m motivated by trying to be the very best version of myself I can be. I’m motivated by doing what’s right by my family, and I’m motivated by a very deep responsibility I have to the 4,500 people that work in this company. I have a real responsibility to them, and that gets me out of bed every day.
Matt Shattock
Matt Shattock Chairman and CEO
Beam Suntory
We tend to underestimate the importance of being able to articulate a message in a way people can rally around. People want to feel like they’re adding value to a cause and being able to articulate that mission for the team is important.
Anne Pramaggiore
Anne Pramaggiore CEO & President
It’s very well known that diverse businesses always do better. Why is that? Diversity brings innovation, and innovation increases profits.
Shari Runner
Shari Runner President & CEO
The Chicago Urban League
There are two key leadership skills that everyone needs to learn: triage and iteration. You spend every single day prioritizing your time. As Steve Jobs used to say, “It’s what you say no to that’s most important.” Sometimes you need a competent tyrant rather than a committee.
Howard Tullman
Howard Tullman Former CEO of 1871
& General Managing Partner of G2T3V, LLC
Chicago-ness is embedded in me. There are courses that teach you “authentic leadership,” but in the Midwest, it comes more naturally. Around here, it is part of the culture to be genuine. The work ethic in Chicago is that you don’t think twice about going the extra mile.
Tonise Paul
Tonise Paul President & CEO
Energy BBDO
You don’t need to leave a company to have great job opportunities. To have a really robust and well-rounded career, try to wear as many hats as you can. The more you move around internally, the more perspective you gain on a company. That’s what helped me become a CEO.
Julie Howard
Julie Howard Chairman & CEO
Try to position yourself so whatever it is you’re doing feels meaningful to you. It doesn’t matter if it’s medicine or art or whatever. You need to find some meaning in your work. Part of the test is: Do you enjoy what you’re doing? Do you enjoy the people you’re with?
James L. Madara
James L. Madara CEO
American Medical Association