Bruce Mau, Visionary, Designer & Author

You don’t just meet Bruce. You experience Bruce. His presence fills the room, infusing it with an inexhaustible energy for ideas. Bruce is a world-leading visionary and innovator who has collaborated with some of the world’s leading artists, institutions and businesses to further education and human development. He is most well-known for the Massive Change Project, and has founded a number of creative communities committed to changing the world: The Bruce Mau Live Initiative, Bruce Mau Design, The Institute Without Boundaries and the Massive Change Network. But that only tells a small part of his story.

June 2015

Ask around. Bruce is always described as somebody who does something very different, but is never described the same way twice. And that feels about right to him, because Bruce has used his design practice as a methodology for learning. He is constantly drawn into new domains, bringing a design thinking capacity to understand unique challenges, reframe them and produce innovative solutions. He so clearly sees how humans’ capacity to shape the world is expanding and fiercely believes that leaders have the responsibility to design it. That about sums it up: For Bruce, it’s not about the world of design, it’s about designing the world. And that’s what attracted us to him for the Let Go & Lead project.

Leadership is a Design Methodology (2:45)
Leadership is a design methodology. It’s about designing a specific future.
On Corporate Sustainability (5:51)
Getting to forever: There is a new imperative for corporate responsibility in a global economy.
The New Networked Organization (7:31)
We don't have an industrial future. We are in the throes of a fundamental structural shift - moving from a hierarchical to a networked model of authority.