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Al Carey

CEO, PepsiCo Americas Beverages

There are few business leaders out there today who have seen more than Al Carey. After 30 years spanning the company, across brands and through various functions, in 2011, Al became the CEO of PepsiCo Americas Beverages. In assuming the role, he brought his own unique vantage point on leadership.


Rob Clark

VP of Global Communications, Medtronic

Medtronic has had a longstanding Mission to alleviate pain, restore health and extend life for people around the world through the development of medical technologies, and we are three years into executing a three-part strategy to raise our value proposition to health care systems around the world.


Maureen Cragin

VP, Communications , Boeing Defense, Space & Security

A leader is a leader. There are certain things that are foundational for any leader to be respected by their peers, superiors and subordinates. The one quality I would put first is integrity. No matter what you’re doing or where you are, you need to do the right thing even when nobody's looking.


Bridget Coffing

Former Chief Communications Officer, McDonald’s Corporation

Leading is the ability to develop a vision and articulate it in a way that your team can understand, embrace and act upon. Leadership is in many ways about how you inspire and motivate. Managing is the way you empower your people to help bring your vision to life.


Carol Coletta

Leading Urban Thinker, Community Builder & President, ArtPlace

Carol’s the quintessential “city gal” – she’s smart, stylish, sophisticated, and most of all fearless. You get all of that from her walking into the room. Talk to Carol and the term “city gal” takes on a whole new meaning.Carol’s made it her life’s work to develop our cities, tackling the toughest issues facing urban communities through creativity and innovation.


Jay Conger

Prolific Writer, Educator & Leadership Guru

Spend five minutes with Jay and you know—he is one of those rare leaders who effortlessly embodies paradox. He is the professor and the practitioner. He is the expert and the student. He is the visionary and the pragmatist.


Paula Davis

VP of Corporate Affairs and Communications, HARMAN

When I get a question from someone, I make it a habit to push back and ask, “What do you think?” I encourage my team to discover the solution rather than deferring to me.


Dan DiZio

CEO, Philly Pretzel Factory

Like the Liberty Bell, Yuengling, Rocky, and cheese steaks, soft pretzels occupy a place at the core of Philadelphia’s culture, heritage, and identity. In fact, born, bred and raised in the city, Dan DiZio has been selling the salty snacks since he was just 11 years old.


Chris Dornfeld

President & Co-Founder, Bonfyre

Mentorship is part of building a learning organization and part of my daily activities. There are people on my team I formally mentor and meet with on a frequent basis just for that reason, and people I informally mentor as opportunities arise. Building a high-growth company, I need to constantly be building teams and people that can take on more and more responsibility.


Edwin Eisendrath

CEO, Chicago Sun-Times

“All my jobs helped build communities and have been impactful. I never lost sight of who should benefit from a life of work.”