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John R. Ettelson

President & CEO, William Blair & Company

The first step in inspiring our employees to deliver on that mission is to make sure everyone understands that our clients always come first.


Kim Feil

CMO & CSO, Aspire Healthy Energy Drinks

"I believe in a 'Reach Back, Pull Forward' mindset—the idea of taking the knowledge, skills and influential moments from your personal and professional life and helping others at the beginning of their careers."


Jodi Fyfe

Chief Executive Officer, Paramount Events

You need to be extremely transparent. I am candid to a fault at times, but at least people know where they stand with me. It’s truly about surrounding yourself with the best people. If you have the best people working for you, it brings out the best in yourself.


Sonny Garg

Former Chief Innovation Officer, Exelon

"Given the changes in the power industry and in technology at large, IT departments are finding themselves having to reimagine their role in the company."


Cristina Gonzalez

Director for Client Experience & Change, IBM

"Customer service and listening to clients is in IBM’s DNA. This focus drives our culture, our practices, and our behaviors. We make client listening a priority every day—no matter how busy we are. As leaders, we continuously ask what clients are saying, and we begin meetings talking about client feedback."


Pedro A. Guerrero

Chief Executive Officer, Guerrero Howe Custom Media

Being able to think creatively and having a creative mindset is critical to being a successful business person. You have to be able to think outside the box. Many people think too linearly about problems and solutions. They have to start thinking abstractly.


Jon Harris

Chief Communications Officer, ConAgra Foods

The great thing about working in communications is getting the chance to work with everyone in an organization. My leadership style is very inclusive, and I really do value the opinions and the input of others.


Patricia Harrison

President & CEO, Corporation for Public Broadcasting

Speaking with Patricia Harrison is a super-charged experience. Her enthusiasm is contagious! She crackles with energy, enthusiasm and passion for the mission of The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), the leading funder of U.S. public radio and television programming.


Mary Jo Herseth

SVP, Head of Banking, U.S, BMO Private Bank

I have the opportunity to work with a great team that is able to respond to changes easily. They are a mix of both experienced and fresh talent. Those that are experienced bring a lot of industry knowledge to the table and the newer employees bring a fresh perspective to challenges.


Carrie J. Hightman

EVP & Chief Legal Officer, NiSource, Inc.

You have to understand the difference between the two to be a good leader, as well as a mentor and coach to the people who work for you as well as the people who don’t.