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Iris Ware

Chief Learning Officer, City of Detroit

"We need to think about how we provide information that enables leaders to build on their core competencies, embrace alignment, and focus on the why. That can make the difference between just shifting an organization and changing it."


Ed Wehmer

President & CEO, Wintrust Financial Corporation

"With one briefcase and a phone the size of a boot, Wehmer set up a meeting over a card table and a few cold beers in Lake Forest with the goal of creating a customer-oriented bank. Soon, his perseverance and mantra of failing forward transformed the startup finance firm into Chicago’s second largest banking company."


Jonathan Weiss

CEO, HealthEngine

A great leader is humble enough to recognize that they do not (and cannot) do everything well. Leaders must have the confidence to hire people who can fill these gaps, while earning the respect of their colleagues by communicating the company’s vision honestly and passionately. They should never be above doing any job themselves that they would ask others to do.


Meg Wheatley

Author, Co-Founder of the Berkana Institute

Meg works with organizations and communities around the world, helping them tap into their own ingenuity, intelligence and caring to solve real world problems. Meg is one of the world’s greatest teachers because she is one of its most voracious learners.


Kym White

Global Practice Chair, Health, Edelman Consulting

Within a large organization, you have to model the behavior that you want to see and make your expectations clear. I bring healthcare communications expertise to our campaigns, but I need expertise that comes from other teams within my agency to really give clients the solutions and campaigns they expect – whether that comes from my colleagues in Digital, Corporate, Crisis or other areas.


Jeff Winton

SVP, Chief Communications Officer, Astellas Pharma US

Everything in our business is about “changing tomorrow.” In healthcare our goal is to extend and help save people’s lives. My colleagues and I are in this business because we want to do something good for society.


Tom Yorton

former Chief Executive Officer, Second City Works

We’re all a product of our lifelong experience. I have 18 years of experience in the advertising and marketing industry. I still consider myself in that field even in my current role as CEO, because so much of what we do here at Second City Works is focused on marketing and storytelling.


Andrea Zopp

CEO, World Business Chicago

“It’s all about communication, which is an integral part of dealing with people. When they are doing their job and making an effort, it should be appreciated and happen on an ongoing basis.”