Let Go & Lead
Eric Ryan Co-founder

On Blending Creativity & Process (1:54)

And as you have all this talent and all this weirdness what kind of processes do you put in place or do you to — actually take advantage of the creativity?

No, we have a lot of great process… you know we’re, we’re a fairly complex business, we have –over a 130 products.  We are now selling you know in multiple countries ah, in Asia, Europe, in the U.S. and um, you know we deal with very large retailers like um, Target.  So, yeah, we have to be a, a — we have to have a lot of process to, to drive a predictable, efficient business.

So, the way we think about it is the, the relationship of artist and operator.  So, we want an organization that’s populated with people who can think like artist and who have great imagination and, and can really drive creativity in the business.  But also, people who think like great operators and can bring that predictability and um, allow us to, to do what we need to do to ship the right product on time at the right price point.  And um, it, it — that, that’s the real magic is when you……..can get that blend right and be one of those few companies in the world that have great creativity and innovation but yet are very predictable.  Um, that’s a rare thing and that’s what we strive to do every day.

I would make this a separate segment focused on creative environments.  If you do that, you might take the above segment and combine with 2.

So one of the things we’re, we’re big believer in, is your office environment will have a huge impact over the culture um, and the type of also behaviors and values that you want inside a company.  I’m always amazed at — when you go visit a company and it’s Dilbert Cube Land and no thought has been put in to it.  And you know if you build a really great energizing office space that people want to be in, first of all it’s a great recruiting tool because people walk in — like I want to actually be here.  Um, it helps people be more productive at work.

We put a lot of thought in how to create an office space that people want to be in um, that is inspiring and that enables like great collaboration and other values that we want.  So, you’ll, you’ll see that — you know we don’t have white boards in our, in just our meeting rooms — we have them in our hallways.

And then the other thing I think I’ve learned along the way is, you know you, you really have to create — you have to create the space um, for people ah, to be creative, to be a little weird.  And so, you know you have to set the example yourself.  And so, if you want people to be weird you got to be weird yourself.  You want people to be really creative like you know you have to — you, you have to, you have to role model that as much as possible.  And um, you know for, for us, we, we work hard at that every day.