Let Go & Lead
Eric Ryan Co-founder

On Bringing Ideas to Life (4:02)

I know you really push for innovation in many ways, and my understanding is you can really come up with a new product in a matter of weeks which is mind boggling considering what it takes most companies.  How do you do that?

Um, well, it takes us long — I mean we are much slower now in –our ability to get a product to market than, than we used to be.  And that’s on purpose um, again — there’s more complexity in the business and number of retailers we’re dealing with in countries. But as far as the ideation process, it’s really, really fast around here.  And we-we’re big believers in the power of prototyping.  So, there’s nothing worse than listening through ideas through PowerPoint and looking at diagrams versus just go make it real.

At the end of the day everything we do is for your consumer, it’s got to be tangible.

And so, by having those designers and artists in house, if somebody has an idea we can quickly prototype it, bring it to life and then really talk about it if it’s a good idea or not.

And what — you have such a passion for the kind of company you’ve created and I imagine it was born of some experience you’d had some how, somewhere before you founded Method.  Can you give, give us a little bit of insight on that?

Yeah, I think, I mean a lot of Method comes from just the marriage of um, the way I approach work and the way Adam um, Lowry our — my co-founding partner — approaches work.  And he came from a, more of an academic setting, he was working for the Carnegie Institute on, on climate change and things like the Keota Protocol.  Um, so like — I always joke as he’s kind of Al Gore and I’m kind of David Spade um, so we approach work in two very different ways.

And again, I think that, that’s the way the organization is set up, is that we can be so serious about the work we do in trying to create you know social change for the world.  But at the same — time have a lot of fun doing it and applying design creativity.  And then for me, coming from — in a background in advertising where my career, I was always surrounded by creative minds um, I just love the energy and I, I love that style of work where everything is very visual, it’s made real, no idea is a dumb idea.

And so, I think if you walk around Method it kind of feels like an advertising agency um, with that type of creativity and collaboration, but yet populated with just incredibly um, you know very, very smart, smart minds from finance, operations to engineering.