Let Go & Lead
Bernard Tyson President & COO
Kaiser Permanente

On Communication and Feedback (2:03)

We are — thank God for the technology and because of the technology people are talking to each other every single day.  And so, I can sit here and I can say all this you know we do this, we do that, you know I’m pounding from the twenty-seventy floor.  And then a hundred and seventy-five thousand people are all connected with the computer and the, and the iPhone and everything.  And in, in a matter of seconds they can condemn everything I’ve said, if it wasn’t accurate or if it’s not an accurate reflection

And so, I, I think it’s very important that you stay in touch with um, what might be the gap of how you are perceiving the world is going in this case in Kaiser Permanente and how the world in fact is interpreting how things are going.  And that gives us a great sense of what’s going on.

with the internet and with my ability to send out messages and to communicate I get a lot of direct feedback from the workforce across the organization.

In some case they’re validating and yep, we feel this, this is um, this is how we’re getting things done inside Kaiser Permanente, I feel supported, I feel like um, my voice is being taken seriously.

I’m working on these projects, I’m doing this extra stuff etc.  Or, at times we may get um, a message that says you know I don’t know if you’re talking about Kaiser Permanente or someplace else, but this is not what I’m feeling in my area or you know help um, everything you’re saying sounds really good but this is the way it feels inside of my um, area.  And so, we are continuously monitoring and balancing that as we um, as we go along.