Let Go & Lead
Denise Ramos CEO & President
ITT Corporation

On Connecting Strategy to Purpose (2:47)

…It was through that and thinking about our DNA as a company that we then as a team aligned around — so, what is truly going to differentiate us and create value for this company out in to the future?

…And we aligned around three main aspects.  One is because we’re an engineering company we knew that that technology is really important to us. And so, we have to lead with technology….

Second thing is, is we wanted to be able to differentiate with our customers.  Because of the nature of what we do and the fact that we’re highly engineered critical components and these critical components that we sell go in to applications where to our customers, if they failed it cost them a lot of money. So, we knew that, that we wanted to differentiate ourselves with our customers, we wanted to stand out.

…And then the third area when we looked around and we saw our facilities and we saw what we were, what we — the legacy that, that we were left with, we said you know there is a lot we can do to optimize our work.  Meaning do things more efficiently and more effectively throughout the whole enterprise, in all aspects, from the factory floor all the way up to all the various functions that we had.

And so, it was those three things, leading with technology, differentiating with customers and optimizing our work that we said those are the core planks for this company and how we want to create value in the future.  And it aligned very nicely with our DNA and who we were as a company.  And then through that we said okay, so we’ll do that, we’ll create value and that value is important because it’s going to have enduring impact.

…And that’s the essence of who we are.  We’re a company that has enduring impact for shareholders because we create value… Now, it sounds simple, it was hard because it — and, and it required a lot of work to figure out.