Let Go & Lead
Denise Ramos CEO & President
ITT Corporation

On Corporate Strategy (1:53)

…It’s fine for my leadership team and myself to sit up here and say that this is who we are, what we want to do.  But if it sits at the leadership team, it’s not going anywhere.

And it won’t create that enduring impact that we need to have.  So, we said we’ve got to find a way to get people — to get all eighty-five hundred people to really feel what we feel.

Now, I feel so fortunate because as CEO of this company I could go out and I could go visit anybody I wanted to, I can touch all aspects of this company.  I can see things in a way that’s different than anybody else can see it.  So, I know that I’m in that preferred position.

But I didn’t want to just keep that in myself.  I wanted everybody to feel that.  I wanted everybody to feel that there was a place for them in this company and to understand it.  So, you could talk to them up here, you know you can say this is our strategy and this is who we are and so they hear it, it, it goes into their mind and they hear it, right?

… But what you really needed to do is to penetrate their heart.  And you needed for them to, to not only understand it but to feel that emotional connection to the company.  Because it’s through that then that they will then take and utilize that and utilize their hands and their knowledge and everything that they’ve got in order to advance, advance the strategy of the company going forward.