Let Go & Lead
Bernard Tyson President & COO
Kaiser Permanente

On Creating an Environment That Fosters Leadership (3:13)

… And what have you seen as really effective ways of helping people understand that it is okay to be a leader at every level of the organization?  That they should — they don’t feel they need to turn to you or to others for guidance?

[0:01:15] BERNARD J. TYSON:
 I, I, I think that um, as much as possible ah, people l-like to know the rules of the road –

— and some ah, predictability to them.  And so, um, it’s not enough for me to go out there and just say and promote you know I want leadership throughout the organization.  And then the first time someone steps forward and um, o-operate and move and push things along as a leader ah, he or she is if you will, shot down.

Is, is not given the recognition, is not supported and, and not ah, in anyway um, sort of given rewards that would solidify that this is really what I want.

So, I think that you know a critical part of this is one, there are pieces to this, one is creating a right environment — around what are the expectations that one would have of leadership throughout the organization?  And so, as I’m performing as a leader I’m clear about how I’m expected to behave, to act, to treat people ah, to get work done.

Uh-huh, and, and what are ways that you make that clear?

Um, t-the policies and procedures that we set up.

The incentive programs that we put in place.  The, the hiring practice, practices, the recruitment, the way people are rewarded, the visibility of — of continuously giving examples of how this happens — in our case examples on both ends, what’s acceptable and what’s not acceptable?