Let Go & Lead
Bernard Tyson President & COO
Kaiser Permanente

On Labor & Management (1:55)

So many companies view labor and management as two different things on opposite sides.  And you have a long history of a very collaborative relationship.  How did you develop that?  And how do you keep it going that way?

We, we, we have been working on the labor management partnership for about fifteen, sixteen years.

Um, we have grown in many of our markets because of the support and sponsorship of labor in those markets ah, encouraging and inviting their members to consider Kaiser Permanente as a place to get care.  And so, it starts with a, with a, with a ah, ah, foundation in which we have had respect for each other and, and mutual interest.

From that um, what we’ve been able to do over time with the labor management partnership is to make sure that all the right people are at the right tables, solving to the right set of problems.  And that’s been the strongest um, takeaway and the strongest asset that we have gained through the labor management partnership — quite frankly that’s paying um, big returns today to our members and others around affordability, around improvements in quality and around having a um, great work environment to work in.

Because the labor management and partnership has allowed us to have a forum for labor and management to sit together and to really work through tough issues.