Let Go & Lead
Eric Ryan Co-founder

On Letting People Go (1:37)

Yeah, and what’s the toughest lesson you’ve ever had to learn as a leader?

We went through layoffs once — and that was brutal.

That was just incredibly emotional, particularly when you’re building a culture that is about you know, you know creating a, a business that feels ah, more like a family.

And so, making, making that decision and having to go through that was by far the worst thing that we’ve ever experienced in our 11 years in business.  And ah, we swore we’d never let that happen again, so it goes back to again pacing growth, hiring people — at the right level, at the right time.  And um, you know we learned some big lessons through that.

I mean the biggest thing you know we’ve also struggled with is, is when you have to fire somebody.

It’s a really tough thing to do.  And the pattern that I’ve seen time and time again is you know everybody is good at something in the world and if they’re struggling in their job it means they haven’t found that.  And you’re really doing them a favor by helping them find that freedom to go find what they’re really good at.

And you know so many times when we struggled over letting somebody go and then we do it and then I hear two months later what they’re doing, I’m like oh, of course, like we were just holding them back from, from finding that.

And when you’re building a great organization, you know you have to continually make sure that everybody’s in a role that, that’s truly successful for them.