Let Go & Lead
Denise Ramos CEO & President
ITT Corporation

On Love in Business (1:58)

Accountability is something that most leaders are very comfortable talking about, right?  One thing that I heard in talking to Howard Schultz that I want to run by you is Howard talked about love. And that one of the chapters in his book Onward is about love.  And it was all about his love of the business and his love for their associates, partners they call them. And I’m just wondering what you think of the concept of love and business?

Yeah, I think it’s a very powerful word and I think it’s a very powerful concept. We translate that in a different way here, but I think it has the same meaning.  Where we say that we strive for — we have a passionate pursuit of excellence, but with the human touch.

That’s our word for love. So, when — in order to have passion that means you got to love something and you got to believe in it. All right, because you can strive for excellence, but if you don’t have that passion around it… doesn’t mean you don’t — it means you don’t really feel it.  So, it has to be passionate.  You have to have the feeling around it in order to pursue excellence.  But then you always have to do it mindful — the human touch.  How are you, how are you touching people?  How are you being portrayed to people?  Are you caring about people?  Are you empathetic about people?  Do you see things from their perspective and not just your perspective?

That’s the human touch.  So, you put those two things together and I think that’s a powerful combination for a company.